Teksta (or Tekno in the States) is the hottest toy this Christmas. London toy store Hamleys has revealed that the update of the toy popular in the 90s is rapidly selling out with seven weeks still to go before the big day, so has advised parents to snap one up quickly if that's what their bundles of joy have requested.

The other toys it has listed as top sellers for this year's holiday are the Robo Fish, Furby Boom, Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag, and Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls. But it is the Teksta that is gaining the most attention.

Pocket-lint first saw the 2013 refresh of the toy at the Toy Fair and we were impressed. Not only does it come with tech-laden bone and ball accessories that it interacts with, the puppy can be controlled and played with wirelessly using an iOS or Android app.

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It offers many different movements and emotions, including barking, crying, whimpering, and its eyes change depending on its mood. It can backflip and dance, and has sensors on its back to recognise when it's being petted.

Hamleys sells the Teksta for £75 a pop, both in store and online at hamleys.com. It's available in blue or pink.

Robo Fish are available at £14 each, the Furby Boom is also £75, the Doctor's Bag is £26 and the Monster High Dolls are £23 each.

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