Hexbugs, the small vibrating critters that your kids no doubt love but you find rather creepy, have just got a little more disturbing - they can now climb walls. 

Innovation First, the company behind the original hexbug micro robotic toys, has come up with a new idea for the latest models, due out next month: hexbugs that can climb. The new models get slightly modifed legs and tentacles on their back, which mean they can climb the specially sold habitrail systems that will be available soon. 

It plans to sell a number of different track options and dedicated climbing sets for all those who want in.

Pocket-linthexbug nano v2 now they climb as well image 2

The new trails can be fitted to the current playsets, and there really is no limit to how high they can be bolted together - a spokesman for Innovation First told Pocket-lint that it was planning a stunt in America in the coming weeks that will see the new Hexbug Nano V2 try to climb a 30-storey (yes 3-0) building.

The new bugs will cost £7.99 in the UK with the original hexbugs coming down in price to £5.99 at the same time. Prices of the sets will vary. 

Pocket-linthexbug nano v2 now they climb as well image 3

As with current systems there will be a range of new sets to accompany the new bugs, including one system called the black hole whereby you drop in your new bugs and watch them try to get out again.

If your kids already love Hexbugs, be prepared for them to be begging you for this come Christmas. 

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