The Doctor's space (and time) ship is a marvellous thing, celebrated by science-fiction fans worldwide - we have two of them on our desks here at Pocket-lint - but it's not real is it? It can't really fly? You can't take one for a spin.

Well, it will be able to soon, as a toy manufacturer in the US has had the cunning idea of taking the iconic police box and strapping two helicopter blades to the top, turning it into a remote-controlled flying TARDIS. One that zips through the air like the real (fictional) thing. Sort of.

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Available on pre-order now, for a July release, the Doctor Who RC flying TARDIS looks as if it will take a while to master (although, hopefully won't fall into the hands of the Master), especially when you consider that conventional remote-controlled helicopters are tricky little devils, but we reckon it will be worth it.

Entertainment Earth ( is listing it at $46.99 (£30.56) and, at present, no UK distributor has revealed plans to bring it over here. You will be able to have it shipped, but do be aware it could cost anywhere near double considering the postage and packaging rates and potential customs fees. Probably worth it though.

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