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(Pocket-lint) - Iron Man 3 is in the cinemas in the UK from 25 April, and to help promote the film and the new Iron Man armour, Marvel, Disney, and RealD 3D have teamed up to take a "Become Iron Man" experience on the road around the UK letting you become the metal-clad superhero. 

Playing on one of the key themes of the new movie - that it's no longer just Tony Stark who can be Iron Man - the new experience features a large screen, a Microsoft Kinect sensor and some clever use of AR to let you try the new Mark XLII armour for yourself.

Not being able to resist the lure of the chance be Iron Man, Pocket-lint nipped over to Dobly's offices in London to have a play ourselves (and see 20 minutes of the new movie) ahead of the show going on the road in six shopping centres around the UK at Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Dundrum in Ireland, and London's Westfield shopping centre.

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Those lucky enough to get a go will get a Stark Industries lanyard, and then the chance to jump in. The Kinect sensor captures your movements, as it instructs you to pose for the next piece. In keeping with the movie, parts of the armour then fly over to attach themselves to you - nano-technology, according to the script.

After you've got yourself suited and booted, you get to test out the kit, showing off your funky dance moves, shooting skills and flying prowess.

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Throughout the experience the system snaps photos of you which are automatically uploaded to a website for you to grab after afterwards - ours are on the way. 

As for the movie, it is likely to be more action packed than the two previous outings. We were treated to 20 minutes of the new film with the lion's share of our preview focusing on the attack on Tony Stark's coastal home - spoiler alert - it gets trashed. 

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Although under attack, Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr) is able to fit Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) with the Iron Man suit as they are being thrown across the room, to ensure she survives, before grabbing the suit back from her (from the other side of the house, Jedi style) to save himself from the still-falling debris.

The new Become Iron Man experience is at the following locations over the next couple of weeks:

Newcastle Metrocentre - 29-30 March

Birmingham Bullring - 6-7 April

Manchester Trafford Centre - 13-14 April

Sheffield Meadowhall - 20-21 April

Dundrum Town Centre - 24 April

London Westfield Shepherds Bush - 27-28 April

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.