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(Pocket-lint) - Have you ever wished you could convert your iPad into a pinball machine, or an aquarium? Well your prayers have been answered, thanks to Wow! Stuff.

Part of the new App Converters line from the toy company that brought us things like Air Swimmers, the new products we discovered at the Toy Fair in London are prototypes, but should be available to buy soon.

First up is the pinball machine. You simply insert your iPad into the housing and run the pinball app game. There are sensors on the left and right of the housing to control the flippers, with a launcher on the front.

The launcher wasn’t working on the prototype we tested, although a swipe on the screen worked well enough. Then it’s pinball crazy time, tapping the sides to make the flippers flap.

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A nice touch is the mirrored display at the top that will show you the score as you play. There’s even a small version for the iPhone, although in all honesty, this felt just a little too small.

If pinball isn’t your thing, then how do you fancy and iQuarium? No, it’s not called that (we hope), but this simple concept lets you set up a scene in the contraption. The iPad then rests on the top running the aquarium app, effectively putting the fish in the “tank”.

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Yes, it works thanks to the glass at 45 degrees inside reflecting the iPad’s display. There are a few clever features too. For example, you can get the fish to display the time, before dissipating back to swimming around, which we like a lot.

There’s also a fishing game. By running companion app on the iPhone, you can cast your rod into the aquarium and score points by hooking a fish. It’s perhaps a little macabre in nature, after all, who fishes in their own aquarium?

Both the pinball machine and the aquarium will be coming from Wow! Stuff; no word on pricing or availability just yet.

Writing by Chris Hall.