Innovation First is to expand its line-up of miniature robots with a range suited to water. Where the Hexbug line-up usually takes its influences from the world of creepy crawlies, Hexbug Aquabots will be based on the movements and actions of fish.

Shown at the recent London Toy Fair, a prototype shark-like Aquabot shows the potential of the range. While Pocket-lint couldn't see it move through the water, the potential, when mixed with the size of the prototype, means that you could technically fill a tank or bowl with them and have a display without having to further invest in food or filters.

You won't have to muck them out either, something Pocket-lint has to do with our goldfish on a semi-regular basis. Let's just say, don't shake our hands that particular day - or for a week afterwards.

Different colours are planned - other than the black one we saw - and the Hexbug Aquabots will be capable of swimming, diving down in the water and changing direction in a seemingly random way. Exactly like normal pet fish. They are also completely waterproof, so the inner workings will not get damaged by submersion (a prime requisite, really).

As the series is in its infancy, the Hexbug Aquabots won't be available until autumn this year - and possibly only in the US at first. However, this is one Hexbug toy that will appeal to adults as much as they do children, so we await their arrival with bated breath.

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