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(Pocket-lint) - Meccano has launched its newest range of models, Meccano Evolution. We had the chance to explore the new models at the Toy Fair in London Olympia today.

The new range feels like a return to what Meccano is all about. Rather than taking the character lines like the Gears of War models, also updated in 2013, the Evolution line takes Meccano and shrinks it, meaning smaller, more-detailed constructions are possible.

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There will be five kits available initially, with working parts such as jacks, gears and pistons, so you can create dynamic models which are highly technical.

The Evolution 4x4, pictured top, gives you 320+ parts from which you can build two models. It's priced at £34.99 and we really like the results. The final models are solid and we like that raw Meccano look to them.

Elsewhere you'll find there's an Evolution ATV (£29.99), also very cool and like the 4x4 above, the steering works, as does the suspension. Both these kits are recommended for 8 years old and up, and form the entry-level of Meccano Evolution.

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If you're after something larger, then the Crane Truck or Tow Truck might appeal. Here you get things like a telescopic crane arm and two bar. The kits are priced at £69.99 and £49.99 respectively.

Finally, the Evolution Helicopter gives you 640+ parts and turning rotors, thanks to a 6V motor in the kit. It's cost you £89.99, but it’s a pretty impressive looking chopper once you've finished.

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The Meccano Evolution models will be available in the second half of 2013, for kids big and (almost) small.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.