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(Pocket-lint) - At last year's Toy Fair, Innovation First - the creator of the hugely successful Hexbug creepy crawly robot range - branched out by introducing Bobble Bots, helped no end by a tie-in with Moshi Monsters. This year it has adapted its Hexbug nano technology for another new brand, Tagamoto.

Tagamoto is the collective name for a range of miniature robot cars and playsets, which take the mild scariness away from the traditional cockroach-like nanos, but add all-new technologies to make them, possibly, even more fascinating.

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The playsets build roads and junctions in much the same way as many other car-related toys, but with a major difference. At points in the road, a child can place barcode stickers and these are read by the travelling cars.

Each barcode will effectively make a car do different things. Some of the cars feature headlights, so when running over specific barcodes they can be forced to switch them on or off. Other barcodes mean a car horn can be activated, a vehicle forced to stop, and so on.

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The cars come in all manner of different shapes - although not sizes as they need to fit on the track - and there are 26 planned to be available in time for launch later this year. Some will come with the track playsets, others as standalone collectibles.

Prices will range from £7.99 for the vehicles with "Light & Sound", while playsets will be available at different price points up to £29.99.

We can see these being huge for Christmas. Bigger than Hexbug even.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.