(Pocket-lint) - Jumbo, manufacturer of puzzles and games, has introduced a line of interactive card games, working with an app on your Apple or Android tablet or phone. Called appCards, the games are designed to incorporate your tablet or smartphone without becoming a solitary experience, as these card games are designed for two-four players.

The new appCards range will initially offer three games in 2013: Sound Bingo, Pim, Pam, Pet and Colour Slam.

Sound Bingo sees you matching the cards in your hands to the sound being played by the app, with the aim of getting rid of all your cards first. For example, the sound will be a monkey and you lay down the monkey card - great fun for younger gamers.


Pim, Pam, Pet is a word game where you have to say a word that starts with the letter given on the cards in front of you, while the app provides the category and the timer. You can set the time and the level.

Colour Slam is a colour-matching game in which you have to get rid of your cards by matching them to the colours shown by the app - but you have to be fast or you'll be left clutching that card in your hand. 

The new appCards games join the 2012 range of iPieces from Jumbo, which offer interative iPad games that use physical pieces on the display, with various character options such as Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam on offer.

The new appCards will cost £9.99 along with the app download, which is free. The iPieces are £9.99, with the character options £12.99.

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Writing by Chris Hall.