Christmas Day is almost here, but there is still time to make sure your day goes perfectly - well, certainly if gadgets are involved.

Screwdriver and batteries

If you've bought the kids a menagerie of electronic toys they will all most certainly come with message "Batteries not included". No problem, make sure you stock up on AAA and AA batteries and most importantly a screwdriver to get the battery compartment off the gadget in question.

If you really want to be ready for all battery eventualities without buying numerous packs of batteries, Sanyo offers C-cell and D-cell adapters for AA batteries as part of its Eneloop rechargeable battery range.

Perform updates

If you are giving a tablet or a games console it's probably worth checking if it needs an update.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles need an initial firmware patch before sparking up for the first time.

But it's not just the consoles that you should try to sneakily update before you give it to that all-important special person. If you've bought a Nexus 7 or an iPad mini it will need updating too to make sure it is on the latest software version.

It's worth doing because it means you will get all the latest features.

Using your phone alarm when cooking the turkey

You've got the roasties to cook, the turkey to worry about, and that's before you start trying to time all the other elements to the mega Christmas lunch you are planning. A quick tip is that instead of relying on a single wind-up timer you've probably got in your kitchen, use multiple alarms on your phone to go off when certain bits of the meal are ready. If you want to get really carried away, you could even opt for different tunes to play when different parts of the meal are ready.

Wi-Fi code for your guests

Christmas is all about visitors, and some of those might be coming to your house. If they are coming to your house, you might want to set up a guest Wi-Fi network so they don't have access to any files on your network, but also because they are bound to ask you for the Wi-Fi login so they can check their Facebook, Twitter, and anything else for that matter.

It's fairly easy to do if you haven’t done it already, and the setup process will be different depending on the router you have. Check the manual or the help pages for your router on the internet to see what's what.

Once you've done that, the next step is to let them know about the Wi-Fi network. A note it their bedroom or by the front door ought to do it.

Get free Christmas and New Year's Eve playlist

Go to Spotify (if you haven't got it already) and sign up for a Premium account. By doing so you'll get 30 days free on your phone to try out the service - don't worry, you can cancel it after Christmas when everyone has gone home.

By having Spotify on your phone you can then plug it into your amp, or a speaker dock to play the music.

Search for the word Christmas in Spotify and create your playlist. Michael Bublé never sounded so good.