Foldable.Me, a new Kickstarter-funded service gives you the resources to create tiny paper versions of you and your friends, building an army of mini me's.

To create your own “foldable” choose from hundreds of different shaped and coloured noses, eyes, haircuts and clothes online, before placing your order with

get your very own mini me with foldable me image 2

You’ll then receive a precision-cut paper kit based on your selections, enabling you to construct your very own mini me. No glue or scissors are required, with each foldable made from laminated cardboard.

Weighing in at just 10 grams and standing only 8.5cm tall, your foldable character is smaller and cuter than your good self, but more likely to suffer irreparable damage if it gets wet. 

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Shipping is free, with Foldable.Me saying no country is off limits. Residents in the UK can expect their delivery within a week, the rest of Europe around 10 days, the US two weeks and all other countries two and a half weeks.