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(Pocket-lint) - Reality Robotics, a company set up by former WowWee employees - those of Robosapien fame - are planning to unleash a new robot pet for Android fans, and have turned to funding site Kickstarter to help them do it.

Called Be The Robot - BERO for short - the 4-inch robot has been modelled on Google's famous Android character, the original inspiration and form for the project, and will be controlled via an open source app and a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

Depending on the BERO model, the robots will react to smartphone notifications and are fully programmable, customisable and voice activated.

"BERO is packed with up to six motors for realistic dance moves with head turns, arm waves, and side to side poses all while playing the user's favourite music," promises Reality Robotics.

All the Google Bug Droid-inspired BERO robots feature a tank-style caterpillar track design, two LED lights for eyes and light-up headphones to flash to the beat of music. They are rechargeable via USB, and an on-board speaker and amplifier will allow users to play WAV audio files from an included SD card.

Two infrared transmitters mean the robot can detect obstacles up to 3-5 inches to the left, right and front.

The company is offering pledges of $35 or more. For that, you get only a shell of the BERO. If you want an actual working model when they come out you'll need to pledge $129.

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The BERO is expected to be in the shops in November.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.