When it comes to water fights, Aqua Force’s range of artillery can best be described as weapons of mass destruction, or to borrow the company’s phrase, “weapons of mass saturation.” 

There are five Aqua Force water weapons, some of which can hit a target as far away as 80ft.

Pocket-lint’s particular favourite is the Aqua Force Crossbow, which uses a pull and release action that can launch water balloons a distance of nearly 25 metres. Available for £17.99 – reduced from £29.99 - the Aqua Force Crossbow comes with 50 water balloons and a target to practice on. 

Other members of Aqua Force’s arsenal include the Blaster (£14.99), the Aqua Force Refill & Launch Battle Set that comes with 100 water balloons (£9.99), the Slingshot (£7.99) and the Aqua Force Launcher that includes 50 water balloons and has a target range of 50ft.

All of Aqua Force’s toys can be purchased from www.firebox.com.

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