The Spy-C Tank is the ultimate spy cam with live video beamed to your handset, walkie-talkie functionality and even a night-vision mode.

The robotic device is controlled remotely by a free downloadable app on both the iOS and Android platforms, including the movement of the vehicle as well as the position and zoom of the built-in camera.

A live stream is beamed from the Spy-C Tank direct to a mobile device, with the option to record video and capture photos. As well as capturing any audio, the walkie-talkie facility enables you to communicate with those in close proximity to the Spy-C Tank. 

As the Spy-C Tank creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot, users aren’t limited to using it indoors, while a night-vision mode means your espionage adventures can go beyond daytime pursuits. 

Any pictures or videos you capture with the Spy-C Tank can be shared via email or social networks.

The Spy-C Tank has been designed by Logicom, which has partnered with Retail Approach to launch the device in UK markets from October when it will be available for around £129.99.

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