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(Pocket-lint) - Attacknid, that's the name of the toy your young man-child will be shouting at you over and over again come Christmas time, hoping to see it under the tree.

The new 10-inch tall radio-controlled robot, created by Wow!Stuff and available later this year, is a battling spider robot with six legs that can move in any direction before taking down its prey with an array of bolt-on weapons.

Using a 2.4Ghz wireless controller, you'll be able to battle up to 40 robots at once for the ultimate battle, moving it in all directions and firing weapons from its rotating turret.

Each Attacknid comes with "Bolt 'N' Battle Combat Armor" that can ping off on impact when hit by a foam disc loaded on another Attacknid - you really need to have two, you see, as we found out when we had a go at a recent showcase event.

Dislodged armour, which Wow!Stuff is hoping people will customise, is used to help you score points at the end of the game, although the best way to win is simply to knock out the Attacknid's "Battle Brain". To do that you have to hit the robot's head three times, which disables the robots motors and knocks it out of the battle.

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To help you there are three different weapons to choose from, the Snyper Dart, Destoryer Spheres, and Dissector Discs. In the box you get the Dissector Discs (basically foam circles), the other two are optional extras.

But it's not just about beating up other robots. A spokesman for the company has told Pocket-lint there are plenty of plans to enhance the robots further, with more optional accessories including a bolt-on webcam that will let you stream footage to a nearby iPod touch.

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While not as fast as a remote-controlled car, kids are sure to love it.

The Attacknids are due in store in time for Christmas, and expected to cost around £70.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.