An inflatable remote controlled Android mascot will go on sale in September -  but not to the likes of you or us.

The toy, made by Bladez Toys, follows previously announced inflatable characters that you can whizz around your living room, but this robot - still waiting final approval from the powers that be at the search engine - will  be available only to Googlers.

the android mascot you ll want to buy but can t unless you work for google image 4

The new device will be first be made available to Google employees and only then, if popular with them, to the general public, the company told Pocket-lint.

The 65cm tall inflatable remote-controlled mascot will go backwards, forwards, and be able to spin 360 degrees either left or right. Those really wanting to show their love will be able to control up to three at the same time.

the android mascot you ll want to buy but can t unless you work for google image 3

Expected to cost between £40 and £45, the remote-controlled gadget will automatically right itself if it falls over, and comes with the ability to swap out the Android character and replace with another character from the company's range. So far that includes R2-D2, Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper.

Those more interested in the Star Wars characters will be able to get the new mascots in time for Christmas.

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