Nottinghamshire will play host to the first UK  Angry Birds theme park opening at the end of this summer.

Sundown Adventureland has ordered £250,000 of playground equipment for the park, which has the official backing of Angry Birds creators Rovio.

Lappset Group, the same manufacturer that put together the rides at the Angry Birds theme park in Finland that opens this month, is providing the equipment.

The Nottinghamshire Angry Birds theme park will predominantly cater for children, but families of all ages are being encouraged to attend, with the game’s mass appeal hopefully generating wide interest.

 “We were very keen to have an Angry Birds Activity Park at Sundown as the brand is so well known throughout the world,” said Paul Tomlinson, Sundown’s park manager.  

“It’s currently one of the most downloaded games and appeals to all ages – something that was very important for us as although the park is designed for under-10s, we are keen to welcome families.” 

The team at the Sundown Adventureland Angry Birds Park is said to be working on opening as soon as possible, with late summer being the target.

The Angry Birds series of games have been downloaded more than 1 billions times since flying into mobile app stores in 2009.

Would you be an Angry Birds Theme Park a visit? Let us know what you think.

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