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(Pocket-lint) - How do you fancy becoming a superhero? Batman for instance? That was the question put to Pocket-lint and of course we couldn't turn down such an offer.

Firebox, the UK's favourite online gadget shop, is offering customers the chance to become Batman, Superman, Batgirl, Iron Man, Thor or Captain America as long as you are willing to send it your photo and £80.

Dubbed the Personalised Superhero Action Figures you can pop your own head on their buff shoulders and show the world just how much you love yourself.

In practice, the whole process is incredibly easy. Snap two shots of your face - one from the front and one from the side - then upload the pictures to the site and confirm your order.

Three weeks later the finished model is returned allowing you to convince your kids you are something to be played with.

Using 3D printing technology - it's all the rage don't you know - your photographs will be turned into a fully-formed 3D version of your noggin – including eye colour, skin tone, hair style (or as close as possible) and hair colour.

Pocket-lintpersonalised superhero action figures we become batman image 12

Once your order arrives in the post all you've got to do is take off the standard super hero head and replace it with yours, with a bit of glue so you don't lose your head.

As for the likeness, we think it's pretty good - although for us that does mean looking at it at a certain angle rather than spotting ourselves straight away every time. Strangely, Batman is sporting a grey body suit rather than the darker, cooler-looking Dark Knight outfit sported by Christian Bale in the recent movies. Batman is also wearing purple gloves akin to something the Joker would wear. We aren't sure why.

Worryingly Pocket-lint editor Chris Hall thought it looked like him rather than me.

Pocket-lintpersonalised superhero action figures we become batman image 9

Oh, and if you're wondering about the cool Pocket-lint HQ London road sign featured in the pictures, that's a Firebox personalised product too.

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Which super hero would you become? Let us know in the comments below. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.