(Pocket-lint) - Parents who want their iPad playing kids to experience the good times of playing conventional board games have a new solution - the GameChanger Game Board for iPad.

The idea of the new iPad accessory is that you bolt on the GameChanger Game board and turn your interactive Apple tablet into something a little more traditional, even though it itself is still very high-tech.


The Board comes with pressure-sensitive spots that are accessible to two players. Those spots relay information about where your pieces are in the game that is running on the screen, while the screen is used for dice throwing, spinning a wheel, or asking you questions - as in the case of the game Animal Mania.

Since the game board and the iPad are connected, all game play is guided and tracked all the way, so there's no cheating either.

The kit comes with a couple of pre-drawn overlay cards, but you will also be able to use the GameChanger game board for more interactive games that see you shoot down aircraft when they fly into the corresponding box.


Costing £69 when it launches in September, it might sound rather pricey - or not, when you consider that the average board game these days can cost up to £35.

At least with this option you get 10 different app games to accompany the board with the promise of plenty more content in the future.

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When not in use the accessory doubles as a protective case. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.