(Pocket-lint) - Okay, so there's no gadget-based wizardry involved and the closest they get to consumer electronics is that they share a name with a giant in the world of cables, but WowWee's Monster Marbles invoke the kind of reminiscence you don't get from a Nespresso coffee maker, even if it does come in beige...

Monster Marbles offer essentially the same gameplay and fun as the glass orbs we all remember from our childhoods - except you can't play Kerplunk with them. The marble part, you see, is housed within a collectable plastic fiend and the games you play are very similar to the old classics.

The Monster Marbles sets come with a piece of chalk and instructions, which help you set up one of four different games. Monster Bash is the most akin to games from the days of yore; you draw a circle with the chalk and have to shoot marbles out of the ring with your shooter Monster. Everything you shoot out, you keep.

Well, at least that's the way it used to be played. At £1.99 for each of the Monster Marbles, you won't want your child to come home without their beloved toys.

WowWee is also going to release packs of Monster Marbles at different price points. A Monster Marbles Carrying Case with two marbles will cost £9.99, one marble with the chalk will be the aforementioned £1.99, two will cost £2.99, and a three pack (plus chalk) weighs in at £4.99.

Packs contain random characters and there are also very rare golden Monster Marbles hidden away amongst them. And, if successful, WowWee plans future series to expand the collection.

Series 1 of the rolling horrors will be released in the UK in the summer.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.