(Pocket-lint) - Are you a Star Wars fan? Like Scalextric? Then Hornby has the ultimate set for you coming later in the year - Star Wars Scalextric.

Yep, that's right, the two biggest toy brands of your childhood will be coming together in glorious 3D (a tie-in with the movies clearly) to bring us two racing sets in the next couple of months.

The first is the Micro Scalextric Star Wars Death Star Attack set that will cost £69.99 and see you and a mate trying to knock each other off the track in a split time trial race. 

But rather than boring cars, one player will be in control of an X-Wing, while the other in control of a Tie-Fighter. The idea is that the two are too big for you to overtake so catching up with the slower vehicle will instantly knock them off. 


A quick eyes on and the glow in the dark spaceships from the Lucas movies are incredibly detailed while the actual box doubles up as part of the track.

But if the idea of spaceships sounds, well, not exciting enough, Hornby is also planning a second set: Scalextric Start Star Wars Battle of Endor.

It will cost £99 and feature the bigger 1/32 scale track system. As you might have guessed by the name of the set, you are racing speeder bikes with one player racing as Luke Skywalker and the other as an Imperial Scout.

A Hornby spokesperson told Pocket-lint that it was really excited to have got the global licence for the new toys, so we suspect these aren't the only sets we'll be seeing in the future.

May the Force be with you. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.