Kids like to keep things safe. They like Doctor Who. They probably have an iPod touch or iPhone.

So what better way to celebrate all that than with the Doctor Who Tardis Safe that will only open with a dedicated app and the right passcode?

Yep, that's right, you need to have all three to get in to your new security locker, but rather than using the latest cutting edge technology like Bluetooth, Wireless or NFC, the app works by sending a receiver a series of lights as if it was Morse code once you've docked the phone.

That also means that you can work it with Android handsets as the company behind the new gadget told Pocket-lint that there is an Android app coming as well.

The lack of expensive technology means that the safe will cost just £19.99 when it comes out in the UK in June.

the doctor who tardis safe that you unlock with your phone image 6

Those not too fussed about Doctor Who will also be able to get an R2D2 safe as well, however it is considerably smaller. It too will be out in June.