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(Pocket-lint) - Mickey Mouse has kept himself current through constant reinvention. Global PR representation, careful asset management and, well, being a huge Disney star, have kept the 83-year-old mouse at the top of his game.

Guaranteed to be a hit under the Christmas tree this year, Dance Star Mickey is more than just a moving stuffed toy. Ok, it is just a moving stuffed toy, but one that might have a little more appeal than one of those singing, swaying, saxophone playing dogs.

It's a little pricier too, so Mickey really needs to escape novelty value to earn its place under your Christmas tree unless you have plenty of cash. 

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As the name suggests, Dance Star Mickey will bust out moves whilst playing music. These are turned into games so you can join in. The games are basic copy or instruction games and are short and sweet, which they need to be for younger kids to retain their attention. 

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A squeeze of the hand brings Mickey to life, and off he goes doing his thing. There are basically six different tracks on offer, with dances. All are upbeat and fun and seeing Mickey throwing shapes of his own volition to a techno track is somewhat scary.

But in its own way Dance Star Mickey is adorable. Kids love things that move, they love noise, they love music and dancing. Dance Star Mickey gives you all these things.

Perhaps not in bucketloads, and at this price we find ourselves wishing for a little more variety, but it's certainly fun in controlled bursts. But after a day of playing, you will find those Mickey Mouse tracks going round and round in your head. Just so you know what you're letting yourself in for, we caught the little chap in action.

There is something here for parents to enjoy too, above and beyond the unparalleled delight written across the faces of your children come Christmas morning. For us it’s the moment that Mickey starts chanting "oh yeah, oh yeah" like an excited High School cheerleader.

Widely available, Dance Star Mickey comes with the required batteries; when we first met Mickey in the summer he was priced around £80, but thankfully he can be yours for £50 now.

Oh, and he will moonwalk too, which doesn't really give Elmo a leg to stand on.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.