BigTrak is set to return once again in 2012 with new features, iPad, iPhone, and Android app control and much more according to a teaser page on the company behind the gadget's website.

BigTrak XTR is promised for the new year and will come with a number of new enhancements including a new design and a new name - eXra Technology Rover – if you were wondering.

“We have retained the DNA from the original Bigtrak and have given it a design refresh. We have not stopped there - XTR is packed full of exciting new technology,” says the site.

Users will be able to take control of XTR using your smartphone, computer or the onboard keypad.

As promised with the relaunched BigTrak from 2010 you’ll be able to add accessories such as the wireless camera, missile launcher or IR gun to expand XTR's capabilities.

“We have designed 2 accessory ports so XTR can be expanded to the max!” says the site suggesting you’ll be able to pimp out your new toy.

If the accompanying video is anything to go by BigTrak fans should be in for a treat when the new toy comes next year.

BigTrak first re-appeared in January 2010 and has, according to the company been incredibly popular. 

Time to start that 2012 Christmas list.