Griffin, fresh from the success of the Griffin Crayola ColorStudio HD, has announced yet more kid friendly accessories for your iPhone and iPad.

First up is the Crayola Trace & Draw which works alongside a free iOS App. This is basically a case to protect your iPad that also allows the little 'uns to get creative with the interactive animations.

Simply slide a piece of paper in the slot and, combined with the supplied marker, hours of fun for your kids can be had without the risk of scratches, smudges or boggies on your iPad 2's display thanks to the durable static peel screen protector.

There's also a new Crayola Paint & Create App hitting the App Store. Priced at £1.99 this gives kiddies the choice of 40 activities, including games, puzzles, mazes, colour-by-numbers, dot-to-dots and algebra. Actually, not algebra - it's all fun.

"Griffin’s range of products for kids is just beginning, with many more child-friendly apps and accessories slated to launch in months to come," said Mark Rowan, president of Griffin Technology.  

"We love creating technology for children - it's one of the most exciting and rewarding things we do. Teaming up with Crayola lets children unlock their inner artist to create great pieces of artwork for home or office display.”

griffin unleashes a trio of kid friendly apple accessories image 2

Finally we've got the Woogie 2 which is essentially the most elaborate iPhone case ever released. It turns your Apple phone into a cuddly toy, thus protecting it when the little rascals want to play a bit of Angry Birds, or catch up on season 3 of The Wire after they've ripped it off of The Pirate Bay.

The Crayola Trace & Draw is priced at £29.95 and is available from Apple, the Woogie 2 is available direct from Griffin for £12.95.