iPhone cases come in all shapes and sizes, but this is the first time we’ve seen a case that is designed to allow you to share your iPhone or iPod touch with your new born baby.

The Fisher-Price Apptivity case has been designed for mums, and dads, that want to share their Apple phone with their toddlers, but are worried they might break it, or fire up the wrong app.

Created by the company’s Fisher-Price Play Lab (think child in room with two way mirrors and random toys thrown in), parents can simply open their baby-friendly app before slotting their iPhone or iPod touch behind the safe screen to stop their baby from accessing files and the home button.

The durable case comes with chunky handles, and there are rattles on each side and a mirror on the back to keep baby busy when parents need their phone back.

Parents will get the chance to be the first in the country to road test the Apptivity Case at the Earls Court Baby Show on the 28th-30th October.

The Apptivity Case is available from Toys R Us, Mothercare, Wilkinsons, Argos, ELC, Littlewoods, JDWilliams and Boots priced around £13 and suitable for babies from 6 months.

Fisher-Price told Pocket-lint that it has a number of baby-friendly apps available for download too.