The Thundercats toys have been a constant source of distress for Pocket-lint since we found out about their existence. Lack of sleep due to excitement over their release, coupled with a slight madness-inducing want to see pictures of the damn things, has left us seriously out of shape. 

Finally we can now rest easy, get saving and bask in the geek delights of the toys, knowing that they will be released on 1 December. Better still we have got hold of pics of some of the 'cats including Lion-O and Tygra. 

The range is shaping up to be quite spectacular, with things like a Thunder tank and Snarf action figure as well as Lion-O's Sword of Omens set for release. There is also going to be Thunder Racer cycles and a full range of figurines from both the good and bad side of the new show. 

Fans of the original 80s series should be able to pick up classic collectors versions of Lion-O and Tygra. Prices of the new toys start at £7.99 and go all the way up to £39.99. 

As of now retailer demand for the new figures is far outstripping Bandai's supply, so expect these to be a serious Christmas must have.

Thundercats hoooooo! Or Thundercats nooooooooo?