(Pocket-lint) - So, there we are in London about to go into an important meeting when we get an email from an old friend, Peter Jenkinson from Toyology.co.uk, asking if we could help him out.

“Bit off piste, but have an interview with Elmo, in Soho, today and my cameraman has cried off ... Anything you can do with the slot?” reads the panicked email.

Elmo, yes, Elmo from Sesame Street was in town visiting London, seeing the sights and here to promote Let’s Rock Elmo, a £100 Elmo that, while not cheap, is undisputedly cool.

Not only can he wave his arms and jiggle about, but he now comes with a microphone, tambourine and drums which he recognises when placed in his hands, or set close by. Each instrument triggers a new song that Elmo knows. Other instruments, such as a guitar, keyboard and another mic, will also be available separately.

But let's not digress. Back to the chance to interview a Muppet.

Of course, the first question we asked ourselves is what on earth could a technology site ask a three-and-a-half-year-old furry red monster? A quick discussion with Editor of Features Dan Sung and we were primed with questions. 

So we grabbed our voice recorder and our camera and headed to the Soho Hotel in Soho to meet the fluffy little chap to ask him about gadgets, about how he likes to talk to his friends back home and what he thinks of 3D.

And yes, before you ask, this is one of the most surreal interviews we’ve ever done: 

Pocket-lint: Hello Elmo, Stuart miles from Pocket-lint.

Elmo: Pocket-lint?

Yes, Pocket-lint - we’re a gadget site

Elmo loves gadgets

Jolly good. What's your favourite gadget?

Elmo’s favourite gadget is a computer

Any type of computer?

Any type of computer that turns on

Right. OK.

So you’re in London, you’re here to see the sights, how do you stay in touch with your friends back home?

Through Skype.

Why Skype and not Facebook or Twitter?

You can see each other in Skype. You can have a conversation, and then see how things are going on.

That’s pretty cool. So…

...Spit it out.

So, with furry hands how do you use a touchscreen?

Well they are furry fingers you see, so they still work

Ah. Do you own a mobile phone?

Elmo is too young. Elmo’s mummy lets him use hers

And what phone does mummy have?

Elmo doesn’t know what she has, it is just a cellphone. You will not make Elmo say any brand names. None what so ever.

Right. Well, when you grow up what do you want to be?

Elmo wants to be a teacher

Any particular subject?

Elmo wants to do social studies and stuff like that where you learn about different countries and stuff.

That sounds good. So you’ve been to Grouchland, you’ve saved Christmas, what’s next?

[Laughs] That’s a great question. Elmo thinks he wants everyone to not be hungry. All around the world. Everyone should not be hungry again. That’s what Elmo would like to do. That’s what Elmo is trying to do now.

To do that you have to talk to lots of different people, is there a specific social network I can follow you on?

Just Sesame Street. Sesamestreet.org.

So I can come to Sesamestreet.org and talk to you? Great. Have you appeared in 3D yet and what did you think?

I think it was scary.

Were the cameras scary?

I was, like, woah! It’s just scary. Everything was larger than life.

Thank you ever so much for your time today...

...What kind of phone do you have?

I have a Windows Phone 7 phone

That’s not in the States, is it?

It is in the US. It’s by Microsoft and it’s a competitor to iPhone.

What kind of computer do you have?

It’s an Apple Mac. Do you like Apple Macs?

They’re alright, they’re okay. Sesame Street has their own brand. 

Are there any apps with Sesame Street on, with Elmo on?

Yeah, there’s that Monster Maker one.

Is that on Microsoft Kinect?

No that’s different, will send you a memo.

Do you have a message for our readers?

Elmo loves all of you and be careful.

We will. Thank you very much.

The full audio will be in the next Pocket-lint Podcast

Writing by Stuart Miles.