Griffin's AppPowered range has really taken off now...literally, with the launch of the Helo TC infra-red controlled helicopter.

The chopper is designed for indoor use, but where it differs from the ubiquitous array of indoor RC helicopters that you've seen before is that it is controlled using your iPhone.

It uses an app and a flight deck module to turn your iPhone into the control panel for the 'copter, giving you two control methods: using multitouch to guide your vehicle with the virtual throttle and flight controlled joystick dubbed "the cyclic", or you can make use of your device's accelerometer for the "Tilt-to-Fly" setup.

It charges via USB and you should get around an 8-minute flight on a full charge. It comes packed with replaceable main and tail rotor systems for when you inevitably crash and burn, and it can store three flight plans for a quick demo of your skills.

It's not the first time that we've seen an iOS controlled flying toy - the Parrot AR.Drone has been wowing geeks for a while now - but at £34.99, it is a much more affordable option.

The Griffin Helo TC will be hitting shops just in time for Christmas.