You might not want to admit it in public, but we all like a bit of air guitar, trouble is if you’ve got zero musical talent remembering how the song goes can be hard.

In steps Air Picks from Flair and available in a toy shop near you over the next couple of weeks.

Air Picks is a pocket sized electronic air pick that lets you play one of three songs to your hearts content be it a Beatles track or something from the Rolling Stones.

electronic air pick that lets you play like the rolling stones image 2

There are three picks available at the moment and songs include Jumping Jack Flash, Satisfaction, Born to be Wild, Smoke on the Water, and Sweet Home Alabama.

The idea is that you strum the air pick as if you were playing a guitar and it plays the next note in the song.

Hands-on and it looks like fun, although with no volume control something that could make turn you mad if your kids just keep on strumming with them on the back seat of the car on that summer holiday you’ve got planned.