Back in January at Toy Fair 2011, Pocket-lint got its hands on a funky new toy with a tech twist - an Augmented Reality based shoot 'em up, which we're happy to say is now finally going on sale in the UK.

The appBlaster is a toy gun, which slots in your iPhone or iPod touch, in order for you to fend off invading aliens using a free app called Alien Attack.

Basically, your iDevice's screen becomes your viewfinder and the aliens will attack you in the comfort of your own home.

When you push the trigger this moves one of the two rubber stamp that presses on the screen, activating your weapon and, hopefully, blowing your alien-enemy to smithereens. Because there are two pads, there are two shooting options.

And, because the toy is mechanical rather than electrical it requires no batteries and is therefore a bit cheaper than you might expect, blasting in (sorry) at under £20.

You can pre-order from today, with orders being sent 7 July. Happy shooting.