Take away giant Just-eat is currently approaching manufacturers with what could possibly be the greatest product in culinary history. The Eatensil is designed to be an all-in-one Swiss army knife of cutlery for fast food fans.

It comprises of a pizza cutter, wooden chip fork, chopsticks, bottle opener and for the old fashioned, a fork, knife and spoon.

Just-eat constructed the Eatensil after discovering that most British people felt take aways tasted better if consumed with the correct cutlery. 74 per cent said they preferred fish and chips when it was eaten using a proper wooden chip fork. 

eatensil becomes ultimate cutlery for take away fans image 2

The idea of cutting up a pizza whilst out on the go seems slightly bizarre, but we definitely think the chopstick and fork option is not only environmentally friendly but highly stylish as well.

All the Eatensil really needs to become a true culinary classic is the addition of salt, pepper and a miniature ketchup bottle. 

What do you think? Should the Eatensil become a reality?