While the word "cool" has been used countless times, in countless scenarios, there are few instances when it has been truly earned. Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront? Cool. Aston Martin DB5? Cool. Steve McQueen's 1960s Persol folding sunglasses? Très cool.

Now something else can be added to that list, the G-1 Glass Pool Table. It's a pool table, already something that fringes on the edge of cool-dom, especially when Paul Newman is involved, and it's made of GLASS!

Our cool-o-meter can't cope - its needle's gone so far to the right, it's become a dictator in a South American country.

And the best thing? Firebox is bringing the object of much strokability and bragging rights to the UK. Yay!

However, like with a duck, there's always a downside. The G-1 Glass Pool Table, which is currently available for pre-ordering on the online gadget retailer's site, costs no less than £35,000. Actually, that's wrong, it costs £1 less...

Granted, the same kind of money could buy a new BMW 3 Series Covertible, or Fernando Torres for a day, but can you play pool on them? Do either come with a patented Vitrik transparent playing surface on top of a 15mm toughened glass top? Can you pop your hand in a pocket and fiddle with their balls? Well, not with the BMW anyway.

We're not sure when Firebox might get the table in stock, but you can keep track and sign up for email alerts on the product's dedicated holding page.

Bagsy stripes.

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