Pocket-lint tried skateboarding once, in broad daylight, and still managed to fall over more times than Cristiano Ronaldo manages in an average 90 minutes.

So the chances are, we won't be attempting any 'boarding at night time. But if we did, we'd definitely be pulling off our sick and gnarly moves on these LED longboards from Clear29 LT.

The transparent polycarbonate longboard measures in at 29 x 8.5-inches and features LED lights powered by a 9V battery.

They have 9-inch high response Gullwing Mission trucks, Smooth Riding translucent wheels and boast ABEC5 racing bearings.

In full flight this board looks simply awesome and is sure to increase the reported UFO sightings in your area ten-fold.

The Clear29 LT costs $199.95 and is available from Gadgets and Gear now.