The age old problem of finding the right key when trying to get into something important (usually your house, or perhaps car) looks to have been solved in style thanks to the Key-Met camera key fobs, which bring a little photo fun to the humble key.

The camera key fobs are from Japan, and could make the ideal gift for you or a loved one who's into their photography; and they're a breeze to fit as you simply slip your key through the top where, all being well, the toothed end should appear from the bottom.

They come in a variety of colours, including black, grey and yellow, and the detail on each is pretty impressive; they measure 1.5 inches in width and 1-inch in length and come with a handy key chain attached.

You can buy them now from priced at $8.99, and although the company ships from the US it'll set you back around $12 for the privilege.