This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was dominated by little green androids in the guise of pin badges from Google and now following the show they’ve hit eBay.

If you weren’t at the show, or more to the point didn’t get a chance to collect them all if you were, you can now head over to eBay and complete your collection with dozens of attendees hoping to make a quick buck on the site.

While most are selling for under £5 in the UK, those who want the complete set (that’s 86 pin badges in total) will have to be prepared to fork out over £900 for what the seller claims is an “EXTREMELY RARE collection.”

And he would be right to claim that. Google created just 1200 pieces of each design for the show and many of the designs had gone before most had caught on to the idea of collecting them.

Anne-Carlijn Reyrink, a product marketing manager at Google based in London, spent her Christmas designing the little critters in collaboration with Merchandise Mania, as a bit of fun the designer told Pocket-lint when we tracked her down at the world’s largest mobile phone trade show. 

Oh and if you recognise the images on the eBay listings, that’s because they are virtually all using the ones taken by Pocket-lint (we were one of the only sites, if not the only site to track all 86 down) without permission.

Check out photos of all 86 Google Android pin badges from MWC