We always knew that Mobile World Congress 2011 was going to be a big year for Android, but we had no idea it was going to be this big. Google tells us that there are in fact 86 Androids appearing at the show this year.

But wait - we're not talking about phones or tablets, but Android collectable badges! That's right, we've gone fluffy on you and we've been grabbing the limited edition Android pin badges as we cruise around the show bringing you the latest news.

Well this is where the hot stuff is. We've snapped a few, but we're still hunting them out, so check back and see how we get on! We'll be adding to the gallery as Mobile World Congress progresses.

limited edition android pin badges 86 to collect  image 99

UPDATE: So we've struck gold, and we mean Android gold, finding the actual Google staffer who created these magical and marvellous pin badges that have had attendees of the show excited like kids in a playground. 

Anne-Carlijn Reyrink is a product marketing manager at Google based in London. She spent her Christmas designing the little critters in collaboration with Merchandise Mania, a UK site that specialises in making cool gifts. 

Reyrink says there are 86 designs and just 1200 pins for each design with some designs, like the Android with the red Valentine's heart, already gone. 

Luckily we've been told that while there aren't any more of those, the pin badge holders on each of the partner stands will be filled up each morning. 


If you're attending MWC let us know which ones you've bagged in the comments below.

If you're actually after real news, check out all our Mobile World Congress 2011 coverage on its dedicated home page: /phones/news/lg/139358-mobile-world-congress-2017-all-the-announcements-that-matter-from-nokia-samsung-sony-huawei-lg-and-more

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