There has been some pretty serious tech news on Pocket-lint lately.

Canon got super busy announcing cameras by the dozen (well, not quite but there are loads) including the hotly-anticipated 600D, the Xperia Play went and got all official, and Pocket-lint also brought you the exclusive news that Android 2.4 would be arriving in April, practically killing Android 2.3 in its tracks.

So dear readers you'd be forgiven if your brain is awash with specs and release info and in need of a bit of a rest.

It's at times like these, you simply need to sit back, look at something easy and cool and go "aaaaaah".

And that's why we present the DIY Android mascot crotchet, which we think is simply awesome.

Sold out, no doubt due to its awesomeness, the Bethsco Blog has now provided step-by-step instructions as to how to make your own.

We've had a go ourselves, but the result is only slightly less disturbing than the Xperia Play Android/human hybrid so we'll keep it to ourselves.