Casdon, the company that specialises in making toys that are replicas of real life objects, is bringing shopping toys bang up to date with its Self-Service checkout.

The electronic checkout till will come with a light sensor, vocal prompts like “please scan an item” or “put the item in the bag”, and simulate credit card and chip and pin payments via its built-in cash machine.

If that wasn’t enough to get you foaming at the mouth with excitement, it will come with 49 accessory pieces like tins of beans and hot dog sausages for your kid to scan and "buy", as well as a paper receipt roll, play notes and coins, and that all important credit card.  

Now, instead of being forced to buy your week's grocery shopping by your kids, just because they like the beeping noise of the autoscan machine, you can spend more time reading Pocket-lint as they buy the stuff themselves in the corner.

If only they also did a toy online shopping experience. Hmmm...

The company has also announced that it will be launching a revamped Dyson look-a-like for kids that features the Dyson Ball (DC15). Like previous models it will come with coloured dirt that spins around the cylinder, a removable dustbin, and the “twist and turn” action just like the real deal.

Well, if you’re going to do the cleaning with the latest model, you can’t expect them to do it with any old tat can you?