Captain James T. Kirk famously once said: "Without freedom of choice there is no creativity."

So do you choose Star Trek, or Star Wars?

And whilst the debate will roll on forever as to which is the best "Star" franchise, one place where the two sci-fi giants will soon have equality is in the highly competitive, and well respected, world of Mr. Potato Head toys.

Star Wars has had its own Mr. Potato Head range for a while now, and come summer 2011 - Star Trek will be getting in on the tuberous titillation too, courtesy of two brand spanking new toys.

One model will be a starchy representation of Captain James Tiberius Kirk, and one will be of his long time Klingon nemesis, commander of the IKS Klothos, Kor.

The set will cost $30 and be out by August 2011. It will be shipping with a variety of components to mix and match.

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