Bossa Nova Robotics is continuing its push into robots in 2011 with a range of robots called Mechatars.

Following on from the company’s robot division’s previous attempt Prime-8, the new Mechatars, that incidentally go by names like Wrexx, will have the ability to battle each other Pokemon style when they come out later in the year.

Rather than just a dumb robot that is controlled by a remote control (although you’ll be able to do that too) kids will be able to connect one of the three robots to their PC to download extra features that they unlock by playing in, what Mecanno are calling, the Mechaverse.

The idea is that by playing within the Mechaverse, an online portal built especially for the new Mechatars, new features, weapons, and skills will be unlocked for “offline” missions that require your kids to put down the mouse and go and play with their robots outside.

“The more you play the stronger you’ll get”, a spokeswomen for the company told Pocket-lint at the London Toy Fair.

Those unable to save up for the £50 robots will still be able to play the game online although won’t be able to progress to the end. 

The new robots will be distributed by Meccano in the UK.