Want a Microsoft Kinect and Xbox 360, but struggling to come up with the cash to be able to buy one? No worries, says the company that is putting a much cheaper Kinect clone on the market later this year. 

Last year it was a Sega console follow-up called the Zone 60, this year it's a chance for “you to become the controller”, only without the need to buy an Xbox 360 or the Kinect accessory.

Called MotionZone, the new all-in-one webcam and console will cost around £50 when it launches later in the year, a spokesman for the company has exclusively told Pocket-lint.

And rather than having to buy games on top of that, it will come with 25 motion-controlled games pre-installed.

Pocket-lintthe kinect clone that’s only 50 image 6

As you can probably guess, graphics aren’t going to be the device’s strong point; although who needs graphics or multimedia voice control when you’re busy playing Skyway Eudemon? A game that requires you to save planes and helicopters from an array of bullets heading towards them?

Our man seemed to get very excited about waving his arm around the stand at the Toy Fair, during a demo showing off the title. Currently in prototype mode, we were told that the console would pretty much stay as is when it comes to design.

While Microsoft is supposedly happy to encourage "hacks" of the Kinect so it can work with other computers, we aren’t sure how it feels about someone using its marketing slogan or in fact the whole concept in order to appeal to those who can’t afford the real McCoy.

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