ThunderCats will be returning to a TV and a toy shop near you later this year, Warner Bros and Ban Dai have confirmed to Pocket-lint.

The last of the big 80’s cartoons to get a remake, Lion-O and Mumm-Ra will be making a comeback via an animated series, completed by the same team behind Animatrix; and the bevy of toys should be with us in time for Christmas.

However, rather than leave where the cartoon left off over 20 years ago, the new series will focus around Lion-O as a teenager learning about his powers and the Thunder Cat way of life, as he did in the very first episode of the animated series.

Ban-Dai, will be the official toy maker to the series and has planned the launch of a range of action figures, vehicles and role-play toys.

Those wishing to relive the “good old days” will also be able to get a larger original Lion-O and Mumm-Ra as well.

While the new series will get an edgy darker update (think Batman Begins), Warner Bros are keen to stress that the original ThunderCats characters Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, Cheetara, and Snarf - amongst others - will still all be present.

Pocket-lint was shown the new range at a secret preview of the new toys at the London Toy Fair. Although they are still very early prototypes (we weren’t allowed to take any pictures) the new toys are due out in Autumn.

There will be 10cm action figures of the main characters that are incredibly detailed and jointed, the ThunderCats main vehicle of the new characters, and a 15cm Lion-O and playset as well. But the one you'll want is the ultimate ThunderCats accessory; the magical Sword of Omens complete with the eye of Thundera.

Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats, Ho!