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(Pocket-lint) - There are some that are getting Angry Birds fatigue, but the craze shows no signs of slowing at the moment. Certainly, Character Options is banking on the trend going on for a while yet, with its range of plush toys both small and massive.

The toy manufacturer also has a more gadgety officially-licensed item up its sleeve: the Angry Birds Catapult.

For the purposes of safety, the catapult isn't exactly like the one sported by Dennis the Menace in early editions of The Beano. It's the same Y shape, albeit made of plastic, but there's no highly-taut rubber band between the arms. Instead, there are two little stretchable prongs, which can only fit the included soft foam ball (cunningly adorned with an Angry Bird - the white one). That means that kids won't be able to use the device to fire rocks through people's windows. A nation rejoices.

Pocket-lintangry birds invade toy fair including official catapult image 3

Unfortunately though, there's also not much to fire the official ball at. Character Options needs to get cracking on a plastic pig structure to shoot down. Or pig targets. There's a game in there somewhere, but without the extra bits, the Angry Birds catapult is simply a toy to badger siblings or parents with.

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Pocket-lint is more keen on the giant licensed plush toys, also shown on the manufacturer's stand at the Toy Fair in London. They're big enough to sit on almost. Of course, they don't do much, but there's a lot of cuddling to be had with a mighty Angry Bird or pig. Ahem.

The Character Options Angry Birds range starts at £3.99, although we suspect some of the items feature here will be pricier on release.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.