Kids love to colour. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare seeing your darling child take crayons to your favourite gadget, but that doesn’t need to be a worry any more. Crayola has collaborated with Griffin - purveyors of accessories galore - to bring you the Crayola ColorStudio HD. 

The Crayola ColorStudio HD uses a special stylus, the Crayola iMarker, combined with a colouring app, to give kids a range of templates they can colour on the iPad.

With a range of designs available, you’ll also be able to print off the templates so that your kids can get down to some conventional colouring action, you know, on paper. But this being the iPad, the colouring experience isn't static and you'll get sound effects, music and surprises as you go.

You won’t be restricted to using the iMarker, however, and the app claims to be able to differentiate between finger touches and swipes and the iMarker, the aim being to provide a range of creative opportunities for your child to explore.

Once a masterpiece has been created, you’ll be able to share it, by email, printing or posting on Facebook. What better way to share kiddies art with Grandma in this digital age?

It all looks like good colourful fun to us, and will be available in spring 2011 costing you £19.99.