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(Pocket-lint) - You’ve played the game, but what are the toys like? Luckily for you, we’ve grabbed all five birds currently available from Rovio Mobile's Angry Birds shop to give you a quick review of what they are really like, and whether you should bother.

Costing $15 a pop, there are five birds in the set; red, blue, yellow, white, and black and all come in the same designs as found in the games on the iPhone, iPad, Android and beyond.

Only available via the post, direct from Rovio, the toys are actually made by New York toy company Commonwealth.

The toys themselves are incredibly soft and fluffy, making for an ideal bed companion for your kids (or you) and very brightly coloured. Size-wise they are about the size of a gala melon.

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Disappointments? You don’t get three little blue birds, just the one, and the black ones don’t turn red and explode, but that’s just us being super picky.

Until the “Pigs” arrive in early 2011 you’ll have to make do with pigs you can find around the house - in our case Peppa Pig, a pig from “Three little pigs” and a plastic farm yard variant. Still, combine that with some building blocks and you’ll be able to play Angry Birds even when your phone’s battery runs out.

Writing by Stuart Miles.