If you hadn't already noticed, we at Pocket-lint are Tron crackers.

If we're not out playing 1983 retro Tron coin-ops, we're saving up our pennies to buy a $55,000 Tron Life Cycle, as well as getting excited by the vast array of Tron: Legacy merchandise and accessories being offered up ahead of the big cinema release on 17 December.

And so, you can imagine how much we love this Tron: Legacy Sam Flynn suit.

It features CE approved body armour, form moulded leather detailing, light sensitive reflective accents, heavy duty stretch Spandex inserts, silicone hexagon print and a form moulded leather disk.

You can buy the jacket, trousers, gloves and boots separately, but if you're cool enough to carry it off then you might as well go the whole hog and grab the set for $995.

Pocket-lint isn't sure whether we've got the right physique to carry it off. But we'd be willing to bet that we'd look a little cooler than this chap....