First there were the Angry Birds plush birds, but the biggest complaint at the time was that you couldn’t get any pigs to fire them at, that was, until now.

Rovio Mobile, the developer behind the immensely popular Angry Birds games on the iPhone and Android phones, has launched four plush pigs (that's soft toys to you and me) on Tuesday night.

The pigs, which include a standard pig, the one with the red moustache, the king pig, and finally the one with a cracked helmet, will cost $14.99 and be available from January 2011, says the company. Rovio is happy to ship worldwide.

Earlier in the year the company announced the range of soft toys featuring the first five birds. Those birds are already starting to be catapulted out to fans around the globe.

The news follows earlier reports in November that Rovio would be selling the Pigs after Christmas.