Winter golf isn't much fun, let's be honest. Sure, green-fees are cheaper but it's too cold, it's too wet and it gets dark too quickly.

And although you can get you thermals and your waterproofs out to combat the first two problems, you can't do diddly-squat about the last.

But you can make it easier to find your ball, by investing in the Twilight Tracer, LED-packing, golf ball.

The Tracer will light up for five minutes after you hit it, making it a doddle to keep a track of your wayward shooting.

And it's a decent golf ball as well, meeting USGA and R&A standards so it shouldn't make any difference to a casual golfer's natural game.

The Twilight Tracer's inner core contains proprietary circuitry, a lithium battery, and two red LED lights that flash at a rate of 7.2 flashes per second.

The lights are activated by either whacking the ball or dropping the ball from above 12 cm. It has about 80 hours of battery life so should be good for about 1000 shots. (Which is about three rounds for us).

Available for £9.95, it comes with a pouch and a couple of tees.

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