Rovio is expanding its Angry Birds plush toy range, including the addition of different sizes of the favourite characters and... Pigs!

Reacting to fan requests, Rovio has posted a picture on its Facebook page and promises that the line-up will grow after Christmas: "Stay tuned at - the lineup will be expanding after the holidays", says the caption.

One of the new toys even looks to be an Angry Bird ball - perhaps a dodgeball for playground use. However, the most exciting additions to the range, at least for us here at Pocket-lint, is the appearance of the arch enemies of the Birds, the pigs, including one with a cracked helmet on his head.

Now, if only they have speech chips that go "heh heh heh" when they sit under a table, we'll be in Heaven. Pig Heaven. The sty in the sky. Ahem.

As this is the first glimpse at the new range, there are no pricing details as yet, but we'd expect more information to become available after the Christmas break.

Have you ordered an Angry Birds plush toy yet? Let us know in the comments below...

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